KEEN-parison: Which Shoes for Rainy Days?
KEEN-parison: Which Shoes for Rainy Days?

KEEN-parison: Which Shoes for Rainy Days?

KEEN proudly calls the Pacific Northwest home. Its reputation for lush greenery goes hand in hand with its 84” of yearly rainfall. (Here’s an old Oregon joke: “How do you tell a native Oregonian? By the moss growing on the north side of their nose.”)

If you live in the Pacific Northwest (or another very rainy climate), you know that mucky, squishy, and otherwise damp terrain can either be a major buzzkill or no big deal; it all depends on your gear. During spring and fall, it makes sense to get yourself a water-shedding pair, and avoid succumbing to soggy-feet syndrome.

But which pair should you go for? Here’s a chart that shows you what four of our fave styles have to offer:

Waterproof Shoes Leather option Luggy outsole Boot option Contoured fit
Jasper II Waterproof X X
Targhee IV Waterproof X X X
Versacore Waterproof X X
WK400 Waterproof X X

Ok, but what if you’re not a chart person? Here’s a breakdown on what makes each design special:

Jasper II Sneaker: Our original climbing-inspired sneaker is made for life outside. From crag to city. A longtime fave for its bold, colorful style, Jasper doesn't let grey skies get in the way of fun. Because it's an everywhere sneaker, Jasper is great for traveling. And when you only pack one shoe, it's nice when it can handle all the weather. See all the waterproof and non-waterproof Jasper options here.

Targhee IV Hiker: A rainy-day hike? Bring it on! We love the smells and sounds on the trail, and the lack of crowds! All-terrain and all-weather, the Targhee is a KEEN bestseller for a reason. With the waterproof version, you can scramble up a mud-covered trail or just take the dog out in the pouring rain. There's a waterproof Targhee hiker for kids, too, so you can gear up the whole fam. Shop Targhee here.

Versacore Hiker: The Versacore is a fast and light all-around athletic hiker. Lace them up at the start of an active day, and they can take you from outside workout to trail to town. No need to worry about the weather forecast with the waterproof version. Check out Versacore in men's and women's sizing.

WK400 Walking Shoe: We know you want to get your steps in every day, no matter what. That's what the waterproof version of our revolutionary walking shoe is all about. Powered by KEEN.CURVE™ technology that gives you the feeling of forward momentum, you can keep rolling through storms, drizzle, puddles, and all. Check out the WK400 here.

FACT: Our waterproof protection is PFAS free. With a KEEN.DRY waterproof, breathable membrane inside, and PFAS-free durable water repellent (DWR) treatment outside, feet stay dry without toxic forever chemicals. Read more about this safe, more sustainable initiative here.

Rain or shine, nature is always there for the exploring. Having the right rain gear lets you get out there and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. And most importantly, enjoy those dry feet.

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