Kids on a nature scavenger hunt
Kids on a nature scavenger hunt

For many of us, neighborhood walks have become part of our daily routine. By now, we’ve memorized where the free library boxes are, which shortcuts to take when we get caught in the rain, and probably have a favorite tree. Even though our surroundings may feel all-too-familiar to us, taking fresh air breaks from sitting in front of a screen are not just a good habit, they’re necessary for us and our little ones.

But sometimes we need to mix it up — especially when we want to get our kids excited for the umpteenth walk around the block. If you’re looking for a way to bring a new perspective to walks with your kids, we’ve put together a printable scavenger hunt with one item for each letter of the alphabet to keep their eyes on nature instead of a screen.

Printable scavenger hunt

Download our printable scavenger hunt here

The best part about an outdoor scavenger hunt is that nature does all the setup for you. All you have to do is print out your list, slip on your KEEN multi-activity shoes, and decide which direction to walk first. At first glance, it may not look like much has changed since your last neighborhood lap, but slowing down to try to find each item on the list will have you and your kids seeing your surroundings with fresh eyes.

For little kids, this will be a great way to practice their ABCs and learn some new words along the way. If you have older kids, this activity will help them expand their deductive and observation skills as they search high and low for each item. When your kids get stumped, instead of telling them exactly where to find it, try giving them hints to make this even more of a challenge. Similarly, if a word is one your little one doesn’t know yet, try giving them a short definition, and let their imagination guide them. Here at KEEN, our favorite thing about scavenger hunts is that there’s no wrong way to do it. As long as you’re outside and exploring the world around you, you’re always on the right path.

kids on a scavenger hunt

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The most important part? That your kids take time to appreciate all the little wonders in nature as they make their way through the list. Whether you find every item or only make it through part of the alphabet, you can always save a few things for a future stroll. The next time you and the fam get out for a hike, you can also pack this scavenger hunt along with your snacks to keep kids entertained before they start to get a case of the are-we-there-yets.

Want to show us what you find? Tag and share it with us.

Kids on a scavenger hunt

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