"That Toe Guard Is Legit!"
"That Toe Guard Is Legit!"

"That Toe Guard Is Legit!"

All your foot selfies, travel recaps, and family photos. The rafting and belly-flop shots you share in your Newport sandals. We love them, one and all. And if we spot you out in the wild, don't be surprised if one of us high-fives you or strikes up a conversation with you about your sandals.

We love a good Newport story!

Since we launched the Newport sandal in 2003, it’s been part of millions of adventures and has become a globally recognized symbol for travel, outdoor fun, and footwear innovation. Part water sandal, part hiker, it jumps into every activity with comfort, traction, and a secure fit. Today we have a wide variety of Newport sandals for little kids, big kids, and grown-up kids.

We had fun pulling together some of our favorite fan footage in the mash-up video above, and here are two of the wilder Newport stories we've received since then. Got one, too? Share it with us @KEEN.

Running (!!!) 13.1 Miles in Newport Sandals

Socks and sandals to the rescue!

"It was June 2011. I woke up before dawn in my tent in Cambridge on Maryland's Eastern Shore to prepare for that town's annual 70.3-mile triathlon. I was part of a three-man team, holding down the run stage of the race. As I pulled out my race kit, I found to my horror that I had left my running shoes at home! My teammates had flown from different points across the country for this race, and we had been training for months. Realizing that I had a critical decision in front of me, I decided I was going to run 13.1 miles in my KEEN Newports. I did it. I finished, none the worse for wear! All the KEENs I have owned have been incredibly well-built and well-designed shoes. I am a fan for life."

- KEEN Fan Dan Szparaga

Fishing Meets Body Floating

Matt didn't supply any photographic evidence of his technique, but we believe him!

"One of my favorite hot summer Portland getaways is to take a waterproof backpack, swim goggles, pack flyrod, and lunch, go down to one of our Coast Range rivers, where I throw my pack in off a bridge, jump in after it, strap it on backwards so its on my chest, and float down the river feet first on my back.

"The river goes through a series of pools and small chutes/rapids, but it’s a perfect afternoon float. I stop several different places and hang out on secluded beaches, jump off rocks into deep pools, ‘snorkel’ around with my goggles, and fish in other areas, then pack up again and keep traveling on my back down the river."

"Of course there’s only one shoe that I would wear for this and it’s the Newport."

"After 4-5 miles I get out and hike back up a trail that parallels the river in the woods and goes all the way back up to the bridge. Of course there’s only one shoe that I would wear for this and it’s the Newport; I have had 3 pairs over the past decade and couldn’t imagine not having them on my feet. Floating down I’m constantly bumping into rocks, wading thru uneven rocky shallows, swimming, and then of course on the wet hike back they are perfect."

- KEEN Fan Matt Hickman

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