TrailFit Tips: Cross-Training While Hiking
TrailFit Tips: Cross-Training While Hiking

TrailFit Tips: Cross-Training While Hiking

Working out inside is boring. We love combining fitness and nature any way we can. Like bringing a little extra to the trail. Maybe it's picking up the pace on the way up or adding in some yoga at the overlook.

We asked KEEN TrailFit Ambassador Meg Haywood Sullivan for her outdoor fitness go-tos—from workout to wardrobe to what she eats to keep going.

What's Your Favorite Way to Bring Fitness to the Trail?

"It’s a fun challenge to incorporate additional workouts on the trail. My go-tos are standing lunges while I take a trail-side water break, push-ups off tree stumps, and standing yoga poses to take in the epic vistas. It’s way more fun to get creative with working out in nature than going to a gym!"

Do this workout x 3 between trail time:

20 squats

10 tree pushups

20 mountain climbers

15 standing lunges each leg

1 min tree pose

TrailFit workout

How Do You Fuel Up?

"Snacks. I am a huge fan of snacks. In the morning before I head out on the trail or for a surf, I try to keep things light and healthy. First, I’ll take a shot of apple cider vinegar with a tall glass of water, then usually a slice of gluten-free toast with avocado, olive oil, cracked pepper, and cherry tomatoes. During workouts, I’ll take some energy chews, such as Clif® Bloks, dried bananas, and pistachios for instant energy, plus lots and lots of water. For after a big sweat, my favorite recovery treat is a protein smoothie with banana, coconut milk, cashew butter, blueberries, spinach, hemp hearts, and maca powder. Delish!"


Energy chews


Dried bananas with almond butter

Gogi berries

Turkey jerky

Cross training on a hike

How Do You Gear Up?

"As the seasons start to transition, it’s all about the layering. I usually rock a tank top with a zippered, breathable layer on top. Plus moisture-wicking shorts and my favorite: tall socks + Terradora hikers. It helps to keep a windbreaker or light puffy jacket in your backpack, too, just in case the weather decides to shift."

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