A KEEN designer holds up the new Mosey chukka
A KEEN designer holds up the new Mosey chukka

Behind the Design: Meticulously Crafted Mosey

After 2+ years of wearing sweats and slip-ons day after day, we are all about 24/7 comfort. Comfort while working from home, comfort taking screen breaks to walk the dog, comfort to meet up with friends for drinks.

Comfort has always been #1 for us. With our famous comfort fit, we've been keeping feet super comfy since 2003. But we wanted to see if we could take über comfort even further. Like the feeling of walking around your apartment in your favorite slippers wherever you go. Heading back to the office, getting out of town for the weekend, or day-tripping to a favorite winery.

And by "we," we mainly mean Paulo Fortes, lead designer at KEEN Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Paulo says he took a "less is more" approach to creating the new Mosey chukka and derby shoes. We met up with him at our design studio in Europe to hear more about his natural material choices and Consciously Created approach.

What makes moseying in Mosey feel so great? We call it the three Cs: Comfort, Craft, & Consciously Created. (OK, that's 4 Cs.)


Mosey starts with our Original Fit with plenty of room for your toes to splay. It's that iconic all-day KEEN comfort fans have loved since 2003. If you love the Howser, our original outdoor slipper, you know how much feet enjoy that roomy fit. The soft felt and resilient cushioning with arch support underfoot add to the "ahhhhh" factor.

Close-up of Mosey felt shoe

Close-up of Mosey felt shoe


We’ve rolled over 70 years of shoemaking experience into Mosey. And that's just the core team of three who worked on this shoe as a passion project. It shows in the details. Mosey is an exercise in minimalism with purposeful design choices — even the smallest details like natural hemp laces and hemp pull tabs on the heel and tongue.

Recycled wool process

Consciously Created

Mosey feels so good to walk in, but it feels even better when you consider that it uses fewer resources. The felt styles feature a ReWooly upper with 50% recycled Italian wool blend. ReWooly takes used woolen garments that are sorted by color, deconstructed, and regenerated into "new" felt.

Leather versions use leather from Leather Working Group-certified tanneries that reduce chemicals to help preserve and protect our water. And both felt and leather styles have a natural gum rubber outsole that's infused with cork for less petrochemical use.

With Mosey, we've taken our original hybrid outdoor slipper further in every way. So you can, too. :)

A person wearing Mosey derby shoes at work

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