A man standing in front of a garden shop
A man standing in front of a garden shop

Trail or town? We’ll never pick just one.

Our best days are the ones that take us through city streets (hitting the farmer’s market, wandering through antique shops, or joining a bike tour) and out into more remote locales (hiking through the woods, lounging by a swimming hole, or doing some outdoor wine-tasting at a country vineyard). If you’re like us, and love bringing one pair of shoes that can do it all, we can help you find the pair that fits your plan.

Each one of these KEEN designs is the perfect fit for a slightly different brand of town-to-trail adventure. Here’s an overview of our go-to town-to-trail shoes:

Town-to-Trail Shoes Best for warm days Slips on/off Best for trail Year-round versatility
Tempo Flex Hiking Shoe X X
Howser III Slide X X
UNEEK Sneaker Sandal X X X
Astoria West Sandal X X

Tempo Flex hiker sneaker
Tempo Flex hiking shoes in town-vibey tonal colors.

Here’s more on what makes each shoe special (and what adventure we’d take them on):

Tempo Flex Waterproof Hiking Shoe: This light and fast hiking shoe for men and women has a sneaker feel while protecting feet with a closed and waterproof design that comes in handy on more rugged terrain. And it can really log the miles, thanks to the KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX in the forefoot that takes less energy to bend with every step. KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX also makes these shoes crazy durable (because the accordion-like zone on the forefoot flexes where other hiking shoes tend to weaken and crack over time).

Where we’d wear ‘em: Riding bikes all the way out of the city, then hiking into a secret waterfall spot.

Howser III Slide: Howser slip-ons are all about comfort. Like, feels-like-a-bedroom-slipper-but-you-can-wear-these-outside kinda comfort. These cozy kicks make any campsite or cabin feel just like home. They have a fleecy lining that wards off that late night/early morning chill. The sturdy rubber outsole is outdoor-approved and even comes with a toe bumper. Available in men's, women's, and kids'.

Where we’d wear ‘em: Free-camping in our van, then sitting down for brunch in a nearby mountain town.

KEEN Howser slide

Howser slide for men and women (top) also comes in a men's chukka (bottom).

KEEN Howser chukka

UNEEK Sneaker Sandal: Funky and flexible, our UNEEK sneaker sandal for men and women is made of paracord-like cord that adapts to the curves of your feet. Somewhere between a shoe and a sandal, these packable shoes are always travel-friendly (and easy to shake the sand out of). The rubber outsole is razor-siped (which means it has lots of little slits that squeeze out water, helping to prevent slipping on a wet floor or pier). And they look pretty cute with socks, too.

Where we’d wear ‘em: Driving out to the coast and strolling the beach (then the boardwalk).

Astoria West Sandal: An active wedge sandal made just for women, the Astoria West sandal has a modern, feminine shape with a lifted heel. This lifted-and-cupped heel also adds stability during side-to-side motion and puts the foot in a more athletic and dynamic position (for all those action-packed moments). And the webbing upper is quick-drying, so they can easily weather some splashing around.

Where we’d wear ‘em: Kayaking on the river all day, followed by al fresco dining at a local bistro.

Life’s more fun when you can pack as much adventure as possible into every trip. We hope your KEEN shoes give you the freedom to have the best day ever. Need some inspiration for what to do next? You could take the fam comfy camping, or windsurfing, or foraging! Even if you can only get away for a short break, make the most of it with a quick midweek hike.

KEEN Astoria West sandals for women

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