a man holding his dirty sandals
a man holding his dirty sandals

FAQ: Are KEEN Sandals Machine-Washable?

At KEEN, we think the dirtier you get, the funner the adventure! Good thing humans are washable. And so are most KEEN sandals.

Yes, you can throw all KEEN Kids sandals into the washing machine (!!!), and all adult water sandals — the ones made with synthetic webbing, like Newport H2, Clearwater, Whisper, and Astoria West. (UNEEK corded sandals and any leather sandals should only be washed by hand.)

KEEN tip: If you're ever in doubt, click on the Features & Care tab on any product page on our site for specific care instructions. And you'll find additional sandal care tips here.

Here’s how to get your machine-washable KEEN water sandals looking new again in 6 simple steps:

1. Pre-hose/brush/bang the dirt off
You’ll want to get as much dirt, mud, sand, grass, and popsicle drips off the shoes before putting them in the washing machine. Dunk ‘em in a pail of water, hose them down at the beach, or bang the bottoms of the shoes together. For stubborn spots, you can scrub dirt with an old toothbrush.

2. Machine wash in cold water
Cold water prevents fading. Our product team says warm is also OK. Just don’t select hot.

3. Use a mild, color-safe detergent
We want to keep those colorful sandals looking bright. Stay away from bleach.

4. Select a gentle cycle with low or no spin
The lower the spin the better. You don’t want those sandals banging all around. You may also want to make sure nobody’s taking a nap. Even on low, it’s a bit loud.

5. Wash together with other clothes or towels
On that note, throw in a few towels or sweatshirts to help buffer the sandals when spinning. Just make sure all hook-and-loop closures are closed so they won’t snag on anything.

6. Air dry outside. Not in the dryer.
Our sandals are designed to dry fast, and they’ll dry even faster in a sunny spot. Plus those UV rays fight germs, making them even fresher.

Now it’s time to get back out there and get them dirty again.

kids putting sandals on at the beach

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