4 Ghoulishly Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunts
4 Ghoulishly Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunts

4 Ghoulishly Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunts

As the jack-o-lanterns and skeletons start to come out this month, it’s hard not to start feeling the Halloween spirit. Here at KEEN we like to think there’s more than one way to celebrate Halloween, so we’ve collected a few ideas for staying spooky (and socially distanced) through the month of October.

Whether you’re sticking to your backyard or getting out in the neighborhood, these four scavenger hunts will help your kids feel the fun while still staying safe.

Backyard Candy Hunt

If you didn’t collect at least a plastic tub full of mini chocolate bars and sour gummy worms, was it even Halloween? Backyard trick-or-treating can be done with just your kids or a few households. You can make it as simple or creative as you want by sprinkling some tricks into your candy hunt. Here are some ideas to throw your kids a curveball:

Fill a briefcase or box with candy, wrap it in fake cobwebs, and label it ‘Do not open’

Fill a jack-o-lantern shaped bucket with cooked spaghetti and candy for a slimy treat search

Once it’s dark, dangle a scary skeleton or witch over a high tree branch with some rope, then plunge the rope down unexpectedly as the kids draw near. (If that’s too much work, you can find motion-sensor Halloween props at your local craft store for the same result.)

Put some candy and a handful of fake bugs and worms inside a hollowed-out tree stump (or paper bag) for a treat that startles when they grab for the goodies. Or, hide a fake rubber hand or some eyeballs in the candy bowl.

Old-Fashioned Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Want to keep it simple? Here’s a good old-fashioned hunt where you tick items off a checklist. For older kids, you can add some challenges such as asking them to find multiple of each item before they check it off. We pulled together a list of 31 Halloween items you can probably find in your neighborhood. Check out our printable!

Halloween Riddle Hunt

What’s Halloween without a little mystery? This scavenger hunt is suitable for both older and younger kids to get in the Halloween spirit. Older kids can figure out the clues themselves; younger kids may need help from a grown-up. For this style of scavenger hunt, you can stick to your neighborhood or head out to that one area of town that takes Halloween very seriously.

The riddles (and the answers):

1. I hang around graveyards and old houses too. If we run into each other you’ll hear me say ‘boo!’ (Ghost)

2. Light a candle inside me to cut through the gloom. Even though I’m hollow inside, my smile lights up a room. (Jack-o-lantern)

3. I resemble a person all filled with hay. I frighten the birds to keep them away. (Scarecrow)

4. When you see only my bones it might make your teeth chatter. If I come alive on my own, I make all the kids scatter. (Skeleton)

5. You might walk through me without even knowing. I’ll stop you in your tracks wherever you’re going. (Cobweb)

6. I sleep upside down and come out at night. When you hear my friends screech, it’ll give you a fright. (Bat)

7. You’ll know me by my hat, my cat, and my broom. If you look to the night sky, you’ll see me fly by the moon. (Witch)

8. I grow in a patch you can visit in fall. Here you’ll find dozens of us, both big and small. (Pumpkin)

Wild Pumpkin Decorating Hunt

Wanna mix it up from the traditional pumpkin carving? Try decorating pumpkins instead! Once you have the perfect pumpkin, it’s time to gather your decorating supplies. This is where the scavenger hunt comes in: you and your kids can find supplies in your own backyard or on a walk in your neighborhood. Think about items in nature that can easily be glued to your pumpkin (like flowers, leaves, or moss). There’s no wrong way to decorate a pumpkin, but if your kids get stuck on how to decorate, they can try making their favorite Halloween character or spelling out a festive message. (Or use our pumpkin stencils here.)

Here’s what you’ll need for this activity:
• A pumpkin
• Craft glue
• Twigs
• Leaves
• Branches
• Moss
• Flowers

We want to see your outside goblins' adventures! Tag @KEEN.Kids to share them with us.

Our own KEEN kiddos had a lot of fun with this one.

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