A person riding a bike in socks & sandals
A person riding a bike in socks & sandals

Socks & Sandals & You

The secret is out: Socks and sandals. The comfort. The functionality. The perfect foot temps. The approving gaze of those also in the know.

From the carefully curated (your teenager) to the ready-for-anything adventurer (your through-hiking college roommate) to the blissfully unaware (your biology teacher from 1979), socks and sandals serve as a thread connecting some of the happiest, coolest, and most prepared people on the planet.

Recently, socks and sandals have moved from a fashion no-no to a fashion yes-yes (if you care about those kinds of things). And sure, a lot of KEEN fans and employees have been sporting this combo for decades, but others are just now discovering the joy.

Not only do socks and sandals just feel good, they also offer that bold feeling that comes along with a bit of norm-bucking. Read on as we answer some important socks and sandals FAQs and show how to take this look from fireside to every day.

“Where Should I Wear Socks & Sandals?”

Where do you take your feet? Those are all good places for socks and sandals.

Seriously: The great thing about socks and sandals is that they can be both a fashion statement and a camp staple—or both, depending on how you wear it. For the most casual end of the spectrum (or if you want to look like you work at KEEN), slip into a pair of Yogui sandals and socks. Want to prep it up? Read on.

“Which Socks Look Good With Sandals?”

Toe socks, athletic socks, hiking socks, dress socks, and socks with cartoons are all popular choices. And keep patterns simple like stripes, dots, plaids, zig-zags, chevrons, floral, or tie-dye.

Did we leave any socks out? That was a bit tongue and cheek, of course, but also…true. When it comes to how to wear socks and sandals, there’s very little you can do wrong. But if you’re a bit apprehensive—here are three easy tips:

1. Match socks to part of your outfit.

2. Match sandals to part of your outfit.

3. If you follow steps one AND two, socks and sandals don't have to match.

That’s really it. You can cuff your pants to show off tall socks or ankle socks, you can wear them with shorts, or pants, or skirts. Just have some fun! Here are some of our favorite beyond-the-outdoors looks:

Those Funky Socks

Socks can endlessly change the appearance of your sandal—and nothing makes sandals more fun than a funky sock. Stripes can echo the structure of the sandal, making the look a bit more grown up, while color peeping out the sides add a playful feel.

Socks That Match the Sandal

What do you get when you couple solid colored sock with a similarly colored sandals? You get a super funky sneaker. We especially like how this plays out with the Newport sandal (left) and the UNEEK sandal (right), making the sandal stitching really pop. This combo looks laid back with jeans and more intentional and polished with a pair of joggers (right).

Socks Plus Leggings

Photo on right via Instagrammer @girlsrocksocksandsandals; featuring @colormeadri.

May—especially the start of it—has pretty unpredictable temps. Pairing socks and sandals with skirts, tights, and tall socks is a great way to add some spring to your look without adding goosebumps, too. The look on the right works so well because the socks and Rose sandal are complementary colors, while the socks match the dress, bringing the whole outfit together.

Roll. Those. Pantlegs.

If you’re still uncertain about your commitment to socks and sandals, there’s one sure-fire way to look confident in your choice: showing it off. Rolling your pant legs is also the easiest style update you can do.

More FAQs

Is it okay to wear socks and sandals?
Are s’mores good? Are meteor showers amazing? The answer is yes.

Any advice for wearing socks and sandals in the summer?
Rotate your socks to maintain an even leg tan.

Is this a once-and-a-while style or for every day?
Depends. Do you want every day to be perfect or does that level of awesomeness stress you out?

My company has a “no socks and sandals” policy—how do I get around it?
Please check out our Careers Page.

My socks got wet. What should I do?
Take them off.

What weather is socks and sandals weather?
Any. For downpours, slip a plastic bag between the sock and sandal. In deep snow, wear gaiters.

What activities or events are not socks and sandals friendly?
Snorkeling. Anything near industrial machines or heavy animals. That’s about it.

I went to brunch and someone was wearing the same socks and sandals as me.
Same socks and sandals? You don’t work for KEEN, do you?

For extra comfort, add KEEN socks, which not only offer a left and right fit, but also the KEEN Wunderseam (the seam is under your toes, not on top of them).

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